Oh yeah!
I’m a ras child
Coming from the abyss
Of a lost tribe
(Seen)I won’t cry
I’m working in the alley
All alone, yes I am

Lord you’ve been so good to me
With all your love and sympathy
I want to walk the righteous way
Help me jah don’t let me stray


You took us away Caribbean sea
Tell me when down there
What did you see
Pure destruction and poverty
Give thanks and praises for his majesty
Good god!


All day, all night; all day
Monday to Friday,
Saturday and Sunday,
Oh! Struggler, theycall me
Looks like the sun will shine today
Oh lord
Eh I tell you what
Brake their bonds asunder
With thunder!
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Ras Child Lyrics

Winston McAnuff & Java – Ras Child Lyrics

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