Well I'm afraid that the circles we've been drinking ourselves in
Aren't big enough for the vowels that we try to fit inside of them
When I was young I drank too much and I'd be lying if I said
I didn't feel so god damn young tonight
Maybe too young
To ask what's on my mind
Like if freedom means doing what you want well
Don't we gotta want something?
And wont you tell me that
We want something more than just more beer
Than just more beer!
And on the night that I play my last show
I'll be screaming so hard that my heart explodes!
And I'll be singing
Yea I'll be singing we are free
Yea we are free!
Oh but wont you promise me
That we wont ever forget what that means
I know it's hard to give a shit sometimes
But promise me we'll always try!
Cause I don't wanna hate you
And I don't wanna hate me
And I don't wanna have to hate everything anymore
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Do You Wanna Go To Party Town? Lyrics

Wingnut Dishwashers Union – Do You Wanna Go To Party Town? Lyrics