Ah Ah bling bling X4
They say ya got stack
Lots a glow
Lots a gotcha gotcha
Choice rollin up in that race
And yea you like hot things
Height roll up big king
Ca-ching X4

I can't complain here
Show me something brand new
I'm 50 50
Don't hate me

Gotta keep it cool like
Gotta gimme some
Gimme some a that bling bling

Better step it up
Better make a pop drop
Girl, another dream dream

Get it when I walk in
Give it to me
Gimme some a dat bling
Gimme gimme
(Gimme gimme)
Gimme some a dat bling bling

Show me

Ya know I like flash
Don't stop with out cash
Shook up these shoes
Gotta think jimmy choos...
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Bling Bling Lyrics

Windy Wagner – Bling Bling Lyrics

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