Rollin' through my mind

Like a carnival

Cotton candy

The queen of the fair

The moon burned through your fabric

Like a gypsy moth

You dance drunk

On the air

On the air

I said

What I love about you

Are all the birds that you set free

I seen 'em out on the wire

'Neath the streetlight

And the mystery

Of you

Keeps me holdin' on

Like the mystery

Of truth

Keeps me

Down where the riverbanks bend

With barefoot stars

And satellites

Studied the lines of your face

Tucked them away

In the sweet light

In the sweet light

It's a broken man in me

Who'd given up on getting' through

The bare trees of my history

The days before you

What I love about you

Is everything that I can see

When you take off your dress

In the sweet light

And the mystery of you

Keeps me holding on

Like the mystery of truth

Keeps me holding on

Yeah the mystery

Of you

Keeps me holdin' on forever

It goes on

It goes on


Silhouettes and photographs

Color the lines around the past

All the carnage all the tears

Along the road to getting here

Yeah the mystery

Of you

Keep it goin'

Keep me holdin' on

Gonna get me through

Yeah the mystery of truth...
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Mystery Lyrics

Willy Porter – Mystery Lyrics