The victories man
Are so sweet like
Even if I seen defeat
It’s so unfamiliar, I probably wouldn’t even recognize it
They say why go through hell chasing something you was gonna get anyway on your way to heaven?
You know what I mean?
You get deeper in music, life, family, matters of the heart
You start to play your part, you know what I’m sayin?
And at the end of the day it’s all about the way you respond
Your life is a reflection of the decisions you made in your life
How many paths you can take
And one thing’s for certain
You know I’ll end up somewhere

My catchphrase is a maze many
It’s no catch, 22 to what I do
I’m doin mine differently your loo
Despite rude behavior I’m tame in a shroud
Frosted, shredded wheat Willie
Money make him Willie
I’m pealing on Manila envelopes, no Achiles
Tend in my Tennessee to count legal tinder
Sip Martinelli’s in the tele with black Liza Minnelli’s
Lies you can tell me, the truth I’mma see it
It’s one thing to want it, another thing to be it
Be as it may, I gotta wateray your talents
Perhaps I can take, tryna find a perfect balance
Options are opta
Living without one care
Until I end up somewhere
Yea, nigga I ain’t got one care
But I’mma end up somewhere
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Somewhere Lyrics

Willie The Kid – Somewhere Lyrics