Yo, what's up Dee?
[ Willie D ]
Man Reddy Red, where the fuck you been, man?
But I been stickin this dick to this bitch in this car, man
[ Willie D ]
Oh boy, that's misdemeanor shit
I'm on that other level
Fuck you mean by the other level shit, man?
[ Willie D ]
Man, check this shit out

[ VERSE 1: Willie D ]
I fucked on floors, I fucked outdoors
On the filthy-ass ground and don't get sores
Gettin head while drivin ain't nothin new
Don't laugh at me cause you done done it too
I know you fuck good when you listen to soul
By try doin it when your dial's on rock 'n roll
You come a little faster, the mood is even greater
Although my dick's sufficient I pull out a vibrator
I'm a kinky muthafucka

Willie Dee is my name
I'm a kinky muthafucka
But ain't no shame in my game

[ VERSE 2: Willie D ]
Now I ain't scared to say it, I love to fuck
My dick is harder than a armored truck
But don't ride my pride when I'm mad
Or I might just bust your pussy in half
Suck yo titties, I'm with it, from left to right
I tell ya, my skills are out of sight
Make you feel so good when I fuck
That yo muthafuckin pussy hairs curl up
I'm a kinky muthafucka and I ain't ashamed
To let you bitches run a train
Y'all can take turns lickin my dick
While I sit back and watch a porno flick
We can do all kinds of kinky shit
Like puttin cold whipped cream on my dick
I'ma rub it all over my legs
And watch you hoes scramble for it like eggs
Cause when I can't take no mo'
I'ma spread your legs open and even the sco'
Lay ya all down in a line
And go up in ya from behind
You think your man know how to fuck
Shit, you're shit out of luck
Let me tell you what's up
He can't fuck with me cause he's a Now&Later
But I keep on goin like a goddamn vibrator
I fucked at school every day
In the girls bathroom and under the stairway
My teacher caught me doin the do
It wasn't nothin cause I ended up fuckin her too
I love a bitch to lick my booty
And blow my dick like the wind before she screw me
Lick my shit nice and hard
So when I fuck her I know she's gonna make some noise
I make you fall in love with this ding-a-ling
Each time it's a different routine
But it's the same old thing with any other
But you never know what to expect
From a kinky muthafucka

Man, you gon' have me listen to all this shit you been talkin about?
You ain't no kinky muthafucka
You'se a nasty muthafucka, man
[ Willie D ]
Man, fuck you
You ain't fuckin me, partner
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Kinky Lyrics

Willie Dee – Kinky Lyrics