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Call Me A Liar Lyrics

Will Oldham – Call Me A Liar Lyrics

Call me a joker
Call me a liar
Call me whatever you wanted to
I am a smoker
A midnight fucking toker
Putting mine on the egg inside of you

I would expect you to teach me a lesson
But not the one that you've done
I wasn't born dumb, but oh I could become
Innocently rubed by someone

And the fan-tails take their early morning walk
I shoot rounds off while they swing about the road

The light is wasted
The evening tasted
By me and then much later by you
And when today I'd found
We'd somehow lost our way, I thought
That I was bound to break before it's through

I would expect you to leave me much wiser
But not so wise as I am
And with this knowledge now in my possession
I can act and be free as I choose

My inside's crying and screaming with an awful call
My appetite shows the morning altercation's toll

As I was saying
I would have laid in
But I'm not, so you're going to do what you do
And when it's over
I'll be your brother
And give my heart and head to you

I would expect you to take what you wanted
But not the things that you did
I would expect you to take me for granted
Figuring I never understood

You keep all of the money pressed against your chest
I didn't know that, and I never would have guessed
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