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(Welcome To) The Big Show Lyrics

Will Hoge – (Welcome To) The Big Show Lyrics

(1 2 1 2 3 4)
Breakdown, turn it around
Don't stand up cause you might get knocked down
Its all over the set
Then they give you a smile let you watch anyway
I've see it all over the news
Everybody's been talking with a face full of shoes
Tv and your radio are all on the blink
So get yourself a pistol to learn what to think

Tonight tonight we'll hold on tight
Get your ticket it's time to go
Welcome to the big show

Big money bottle of dreams
Got your cold laced fingers with your cocaine rings
Want to see the dark side of town
So make a deal with the devil and he'll show you around
Champagne parties with phone call girls
Ashtray babies with dimestore pearls
Nickelback jewelry and a velvet chain
Hollywood hollowfaced down in the rain


(repeat first verse)


Welcome to the big show (x3)
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