It's not that I don't want you, I just know what happens if we rush
I felt when she laid her heart on my shoulder
I could sense the lust on her mind
We need time, is this the right thing to do?
I see now your piece that's missing. Should of followed intuition
We could win it all, or lose it all, let's do it now, or risk it all tonight,
I was wondering lady, if you could be my baby; we could do the unthinkable,
No if ands or maybe, if I ask are you ready x3
To lose it all in one night, is this the chance you wanna take?
I thought this was different; I thought you loved to chase or better yet de-grace
Slow and steady wins the race, aint it funny how beauty makes you change the taste
And now it seems like we grown up, but love just began but if we rush it now
Girl it could easily end; and as bad as I wanna feel that kiss again;
We could risk running flat like a,
If we take the fall; is the water deep enough to break the fall?
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Unthinkable Lyrics

Will Ave – Unthinkable Lyrics

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