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Nobody Died Lyrics

Wilkinsons – Nobody Died Lyrics

Back when I went to school
Kids smoked and swore and broke some rules
But I mean didn't everybody
Almost everybody
Fake ID bought a quart of beer
Had the devil's rock n' roll ringing in our ears
And people said these kids got a problem here
Well I'm not saying that they weren't right
I've cried and tried to understand
What I'm seeing on the news tonight
I'll admit that we were young and foolish
Totally irresponsible but

Nobody died
We all made it home
Well we'd fuss and fight and make mistakes
But life went on
There were broken hearts and dreams
And wounded lives
But nobody died

Kids got bullied, picked on and teased
But somehow we found our place
In the scheme of things
And time heals everything
Almost everything
When I look back on the things I've done
Some good, some bad
And I'm really sorry if I hurt anyone
Yeah, I'm really sorry if I hurt anyone
How'd we get from there to here
From Shakespeare and math and science
To shots ringing in our ears
And what's it gonna take to get us back
Get us back to where


Nobody died
Nobody died
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Songwriters: TONY HASELDEN
Nobody Died lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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