I don’t peck, I rain on a set
Going so hard I gained the respect
Respect is mutual, the same I expect
When I give it out without the chain on my neck
Give it out without a thought of a plan though
I’m from a council block I get around though
I make waves that are big out of time show
How I do that I’m big out of time bro
No king will ever go untested, it’s what he does that might get him
How he handles things that you requested
How he caters without requesting
Anything from anybody you might offer
Said I’m not a don, but they was off they rocker
I’m not a blocker but since I joined twitter get right and I’ll block yo
You’re are good actor act of a laugh
And it hurts like a fractured acture
You can be the don of this town, that town or city on the rhythm I’ll
Product of that ya
Go to the hood and give product to that ya
Call me a king, that’s a product to that ya
Ain’t no thing don’t call that to act ya
Have all my business into that, to that, to that
I walk in like who disagrees, I’m my POG for anybody on the scene
Stay all free cause I was popping with a dream
Now it’s reality popping in a weave
You do grind but stop when I breathe

Go to the gym and feel like rocky when I leave
Man feels stocky when I leave
Don’t ever feel sloppy on a beat predictor
I’m in free and I mean one for I’m on east
I could take one e one toss see the south with me a bit but east stand more
If a man’s chatting on twitter the beef’s unsure ignore that if you wanna
Elevate higher
Cause we all know god loves a tryer I didn’t get here over night, I won’t
I spent so many years walking through fire fire
You will get tired, didn’t get far because you still tried
All your hype died, all your fans lied
And me I’m just an MC inside the right
I do it for real, that’s why I’m still firing
I could bring a monkey and a lion in
That’s who I am I wear my own gums and I do my own ironing
I’m just spraying bars like I ain’t got a life
Got one fresh ting, but I ain’t got a wife
Feel danger blud I could trence while I hype
They flickering out and say the flame not as bright
Game isn’t tight the aim isn’t right I roll like a comet, I came on a fly
You ain’t having it, I’m the same on the mic
So I don’t go passing blame on the mic
Don’t touch you will burn your hand on the stove
I’m not a lab rex when I say that I’m standing in grove
I can handle my role even though I know I ain’t no random abroad
My hand grows cold, that’s right for it, I’m right for it
Spray can, I’m ready to sray ann I believe in myself, I’m ready to spray
Take twenty of the best and I will put twenty to the test.
And I leave all twenty in a mess, pick twenty on the rest
Doing it again that’s forty, not just twenty of the best
I’m stepping on stones, no bad bones in my body
But I got a star stepping on clones, don’t forfeit nothing
Reap out the zones can’t tell me spit and get out your phones.
By step 5 you should be alive bees buzz around me a lot, I should be a hive
You hove around me a lot, you can see a vibe.
If I hove around you a lot I can see a style
Shit MCs, I can see a pile, but its better they learn now than trying in a
No time like the present I’m present and grime ain’t felt this alive in a
So have a laugh, stink, have a bath. Feeling like rose, then have a blast
I made snowman ice thrown on me frost bite merk or man, I never launch
Cause I don’t think that my production act that much
But don’t think that I can’t open the logic page and make one
That ain’t stinking rhythm that I know another can’t blud
Run up in a place like what them them liku dibby mic stars man who are man
Already got them
Too many pulling out the pen, I gotta stop them.
Take pics I don’t like and I crop them
Too pure in a game so if I come across another artist, I can’t knock them
If I see a kid who don’t know jack shit

Tell him put down the knife and I block then, pack them on
I only work for legs and arms, I said I been a bit lucky like charms
Them man are cool they ain’t ever had arms
Might have had crumbs but never had a heart
Never had a finish, never had a start but I ain’t come along like what the
None of these spitters ain’t in my class I was making noise ever since I
Let me put it on now, let me see what I think
Fight cool like the colour blue same colour as the drink I drink
Don’t wait for the day I sink cause more than often I’m out of sink
Some are hanging on ain’t heard new stuff
I know you don’t work, I’m out of blinks,
Phone back chick chilling on the reck just like the yellow M on the Mark V
Nigga might be late but then its black pips time
Might be hated but I catch his raps
Yeah, I know a young belly, you will come from the belly
And take the whole belly like that’s his time
See me in a carnival, that means hype
Got tess passing more and that’s revise
And I might despise of any of them guys
Who don’t wanna work nights by that’s his life
Might cool down the feelings, see what’s one
And shots of gigga booms black hif life
Greenwich, woodish back to queen’s life
Don’t stick it like the inside of a beehive
I’m the cop, the man for the job kind of seems odd but the fans decide
Head phones head don’t get a rhythm kill it with a headshot
Some man are got a hair line like Escor
Man are looking for a wave on a Friday night
Well, I’m free wanna see what the west got
Don’t test me, I put a hole in your vest top and my young gunners ain’t
Letting off a test show
Ain’t the best and your best not get in my way
Cause I’m top and your sets not that’s why your dumb play short stop before
They hit me.
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Rubicon Lyrics

Wiley – Rubicon Lyrics