Verse 1
You only live once until you get the new skin
Like a hawk on a wire, face to the wind
Waiting on a promise, for something to move
Searching endless sky, from a hilltop view

Throw our guitars in the back of the car
Take a sharp turn, maybe take it too far
Ride out the sunset, waiting on stars (
Take it to the limit - God knows where we/are
Chasing the light, chasing the light, chasing the light

Verse 2
Lighting strikes twice, back away from the the test
Blue prints got your back, they don’t know what’s best
Living in the box ‘til you don’t see it no more
Time is being written - it’s taking the floor


Bridge Verse
Trouble comes in three, time to hit the road
Leave dirt in your footsteps, lighten up the load
Choke cherries bloom in a pile of stone
Don’t need a mail/box, to make it a home

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Chasing The Light Lyrics

Wild Violets – Chasing The Light Lyrics

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