Drinking curdled milk from a silver cup
Watching all the boys waiting for the plan to erupt
You can talk all you like when you're down on your luck
And you're looking for a reason to run
Down and out in Canaan
On a cloudy day you can see the sun
Down and out in Canaan
Nobody's gonna' ever give you reason to run
Love is never so wise as it is when it's crossed
Like an angry wind stirring up a handful of dust
Turning water from wine, mixing gold into rust
Painting justice in the wake of the sun
Close the bitter page with a sour look
Cast a callous eye around you at the pictures you took
Live your life in a line, leave your love in a book
Hang your money on the tip of your tongue
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Down And Out In Canaan Lyrics

Wild Strawberries – Down And Out In Canaan Lyrics

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