Pick and eat Blue Crabs in a neighborhood the mob reputedly still haunts
There’s a sweet old man at the bar with his eyes closed
Mouthing the words to the Kim Carnes song on the radio
Knowing there's no way he can ever admit his lovesick truth, oh
Not to his friend he just quietly gifted a new smartphone

Through the open windows in the bar
We feel the summer's heat
And we all want another chance
And a little understanding

Love is better than anything else

Rolling thickets caught in the fenced hill (?)
The stock (?) just upped and walked away
And "it will be okay" you say and you kiss my lips
And I'm mouthing the words to the prayer I say each day
Knowing you've got an aching feeling deep in your heart
And I feel it too

And you don't sleep well and you don't expect to
But you always find a way to make what you do beautiful
The rooftop stayed wet all day
And I knew
Love is better than anything else
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Love Is Better Lyrics

Wild Pink – Love Is Better Lyrics