Sister Sally rides a train on the east side
She takes a long way home
If you ask her she'll just smile and say she don't know where she's going
The train is crowded but she looks so alone

She's got a man who says he loves her and then he hurts her
She swears he only does it when he's mad
If it was up to her this train would keep on running (maybe forever)
But for now it leads her right back to his hands

So driver take the train to another place tonight
He's waiting and her supper's getting cold
Her heart's too big for him to make her feel so small
And she's much too young to look so old

There's something that hurts more than the punches
There's something that hurts more than his hands
That's of all the names she could call him
She can't call him anything but her man

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Sister Sally Lyrics

Wide Mouth Mason – Sister Sally Lyrics