Morning Midday & Midnight I gooooo
Billy Hyena's out on his feet
Hooting of laughter-Ducking the heat
Out on the badland you never meet
Billy Celeste & Billy O'Beef

1234 Billy's not a dinosaur
1234 trooper & a troubador
Dance hall convener-B. B. Hyena
Know who I mean, yeh-Billy Hyena

Looks like a rolling stone in a car
Thinks that a city shine like a star
Your lucky car-Your lucky car
Thinks that a city shine like a star
Put on a blue slap-Put on a face
Camouflage drag don't go out of place
Breaking a boot & snapping a lace
Billy the soldier in a space race

Woh woh watch it-Billy's got a rocket
Woh woh watch it-Keeps it in his pocket

Billy Hyena the dancer at large
You know his true color is camouflage

Ole Billy Hyena out on his feet
Runs in the bush, yeh-Not in the street
You may well seek but you'll never meet
Billy Apollo rocking the heat
He was once here but he disappear
We were once here but we disappear
I am now here but I disappear
You are all here but you'll disappear
You'll disappear You'll disappear
You'll disappear You'll disappear

People!! People!! People!!

Billy Hyena Billy contest
Billy O'Beef Billy Celeste

Domino assasino commandante Hyeno
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Billy Hyena Lyrics

Wide Boy Awake – Billy Hyena Lyrics