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Ferriswheel Lyrics

WHY? – Ferriswheel Lyrics

I saw you wheezing in the cut throat chorus,
The TV has been on channel blue in your house for a week and a half,
Sounding like a filtered carnival,
Like screaming children on a Ferris wheel
I saw you in the ghetto with your angel eyes poked out,
On your hands and knees in class looking for your contact lenses
There are very few microwaves in the third world
What if you were tied to a flagpole

In your underwear with your hair shaved off,
And a bag of money hanging from your ankle?
You could tan your scalp in the noon sun.
You could feel the wind on your open chest.
Against a blue sky, almost anything looks cinematic.
If you can teach a dog to play the kazoo,
If an ape can take an interest in his hairstyle,
It only follows that you'd enjoy a morning jog in high heels
While your dance shoe feet bleed.
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