Been mine.

Save me,
As it seems obvious,
I'll throw myself off a cliff,
Not even knowing what I did.

Lately I've been realizing who you really are,
And no place feels safer, than in the comfort of your arms.
You know I've been trying, trying not to be like them.
I'm just scared to death, of figuring out who I really am.
I found the key to your heart, but I took it away,
I've come to find myself more afraid of every word you say,
I fell from that cliff, but bounced back from the clay
That I found at the bottom,
And here I am today.

Because we all fall down,
But we all bounce back
And every piece I see of you is something that I lack.
And if you promise we'll stay this way,
I promise I'll get better,
And if you promise that you love me we could stay this way forever.
If this monster I'd discovered is what is meant to be,
I just hope that God will rip it right out of me.
If I've scared you away with everything you've seen
I just hope that you'll be back for me, in my time of need.

So hold me close,
As I whisper my faults to you,
And know that's something that I must do.

You won't let me go,
Be anything less than I need to be.
You're in control,
That's the only thing
I find to comfort me
In my time of need.
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In My Time Of Need Lyrics

Whosah – In My Time Of Need Lyrics

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