I'm too ruthless, your God is a nuisance,
And the gospel is useless, I sing my praises from the book of Judas.
I'm posessed and there's no way I can stop killing,
The devil fell from heaven and continued doing God's Bidding.
God really you'll meet your end soon,
I'll make sure you don't exist like the shoe prints we left on the moon.
High in heaven smoking fumes from 9/11 and spit fire out,
And uncovered everything that the government has lied about.
Soldiers enlisted were tricked into reading the mission wrong,
Bin Laden's still alive and he's residing in the pentagon.
The place where the government's practicing methods of torture,
And they're building hundreds of thousands of coffins in Georgia.
They blinded us with darkness so much that we need a lamp,
'Till we're barely breathing and bleeding inside a fema Camp.
Operation Northwood, you can't tell me that isn't true,
Black helicopters man, this ain't nothing new.

Mk Ultra.

So you think you've never supported terrorist actions?
You do it every time you pay your taxes.
Global conspiracies, fascist plane crashes,
Right wing baptists, mother fucker, it's madness.
The inconvenient truth is that the world is just too damned to save it,
Our drinking water is slow being contaminated.
Pledging allegiance doesn't make you a patriot,
It's defending your country from all the leaders that are raping it.
Little did we know that doctores were injecting death inside us,
Don't be stupid, aids is an experimental retro virus.
Placed in patients and told it was a placebo,
They won't be satisfied until the population's zero.
You think that isn't true? Look up the Tuskegee experiments.
The government's so arrogant, they were fully aware of it,
They kept you so distracted, you don't know anything about what I've told you.

Mk Ultra.
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MK Ultra Lyrics

Whitewash – MK Ultra Lyrics

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