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Versailles Lyrics

White Soxx – Versailles Lyrics

“Versailles” by white soxx (1981)- A mini opera
(Written/Produced by Frederic Mercier (=possibly Freddy Mercury from Queen)

-(the pupils have gathered in one of the rooms of the Palace of Versailles. On the walls hang numerous paintings from the era of King Louis xiv.
The teacher starts his story….)

♫“Here is the story that I heard some years ago.
Two Ladies needed holidays.
The Driver took them for a trip to Paris,
(they) look(ed) baffled down on River Seine
From the coach they saw the Palace of Versailles
Where King Louis was name(d) 'Sun' .
No need for gather, they want(ed) to be on their own,
(It) could take them hours, but oh what fun, oh…”♫

-(from the paintings on the wall, music seems to arise)

-(is that the Queen on a painting in the Palace room moving and talking?)
♫“Oh, Versailles”♫

-(the teacher continues his story)
As they looked at paintings of that King and Queen,
They found themselves locked in a room,
When suddenly one painting moved, just like real…”♫

-(Queen on painting)
♫“Don't tell them lies”♫

♫“He said..”♫

-(King Louis xiv)
♫“Don't move.!!”♫

♫“But the two Ladies couldn't help but noticing,
Under the frame there was a hole (hole, hole)..
Above the stairs they could hear some sweet music,
A giant place where they all sang…”♫

-(on the paintings the courtiers of the sovereign are now moving and singing)

-(pupils looking at each other in disbelief, can paintings really come to life and sing?)

♫“Will you believe me when I tell you that they were
Expecting the invitation?
The Dance was faster than they felt, but
No fear
Wish sure I could ease you just that one.
But at the windows at the age-old stables,
Some lackeys were buzzing around.
The horses ready for a ride in the stagecoach.
The music stops, here is the 'Sun' , King of…..♫

-(courtiers of the sovereign on the paintings dancing and singing)
♫“doot doot doot, doot de de de doot”♫
♫“doot doot doot, doot de de de doot”♫

-(pupils (now beginning to doubt the story))
♫“Teacher, teacher, teacher
You don't tell all the truth
Or if it was like this, you got to tell all the end..”♫

♫“No, no..”♫

♫“Teacher, teacher, teacher
You don't tell all the truth
Or is if it was like this, you got to tell all the end
Tell all the end….”♫

-(teacher, who now starts to direct the pupils out of the room, as they all look
Over their shoulders to the paintings, did they imagine it all??)
♫“It's just the story that I heard some years ago etc.....”♫

-(the music, still coming from the paintings and now the pupils are also joining in)
♫“Versailles”♫ ♫ “ doot doot doot, doot de de de doot “♫ -(teacher) ♫“One more..”♫ ♫ “Versailles..”♫

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