Will I go, will I stay,
I will never find my way
I've been sad and into a rage
And I've cried I've been sad
I won't miss all this pain,
I won't complain what I've laid
So many things
To be said and I'm tired
Here's my revenge, I've been sad
Diggin'it up the dirt inside to me
Diggin'it up my rage for them
Diggin'it up the hatred inside me
Diggin'it up here's my revenge
I don't know what people say
'cause they don't care of all our lifes
I felt jumping into thin air
When I realised they exploited me
Imprisoned in a shark cage dive
Don't know if I could survive
If I've leprosy I won't feel like
Having been torn to schreds
I won't get mad here's my revenge
I won't get mad you won't get mad
They won't be there
They won't be fine they won't be fine
You won't be there they won't be there
They won't be fine

Call it nasty!

Revenge is sweet go ahead
I don't know if it's really best
To forget what she's done to me
I felt jumping into thin air
When I saw she exploited me
Give your parents a goodbye kick
We've never been a family
I'm still planning my revenge
And regain myself respect!
I won't get mad...

Call it nasty!
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Revenge Is Sweet Lyrics

White Skull – Revenge Is Sweet Lyrics