It's nothing new or personal
You're just a name on the list
It isn't cruel or cynical
See I excel at this

It's not my place to ask if your fate's deserved - for what it's worth
I name my price and if it's right you'll hit the dirt

Cuz I know where you live
Where you lay your body down
An I know where you live
In this God forsaken town
And I will put you in a coffin
Lay roses on the ground
I know where you live
I know where you live!

To use a gun won't be as fun
I like to sneak up close
You try to run - it can't be done
I'll make you overdose

I send a sm-message to let you know it's your time to go
The rocky horror's sinking in enjoy the show


You deny your role in anger bargaining, so I'd set you free
Depression hits as you accept what's set to be

I'm movin' in - move in for the kill
Your blood is gonna spill - Oooo what a thrill
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I Know Where You Live Lyrics

White Flame – I Know Where You Live Lyrics