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It's Alright Lyrics

White Boy – It's Alright Lyrics

[White Boy]
Hop in my whip and ride, we can slip'n'slide
What's the deal shorty?, let's get it right
You ain't the silly type, and that I kinda like
Take you through the Prada life like I got wife
Now we can do the fool, long as the mood is cool
Take you to the pool, and have a drink or two
You play a major role, this how the game'll go
Work for the paper hoe, and get a player dough
See I'm a business man, no stocks and bonds
Tippin' on the block, man I'm livin large
I'm in the Hummer truck, call your girls up
I got the fellas wit' me, so let 'em know wassup
Cause we gon' get it crunk, watch how this kid'll stunt
Tear this city up, you ain't gon' get enough
Now I'm gone do you right, I ain't the foolish type
I ain't the goofy type, so we can cruise the night

[Hook - Jason Weaver] (White Boy)
Girl, whatever you want to do tonight, then it's alright
If you want to roll with this thug tonight then it's alright (You know it's alright shorty)
Cause tonight's the night we gon' do what ever you like, (What ever you like)
Is that alright? (is it?) Shorty, you know it's alright (I know) Yeah (Let's go)

[White Boy]
How you want it boo? Fendi or Manolo Boots
Pocket full of loot and my whip bullet proof
Cause these haters out, to take the player out
Go the shady route, but I'ma bang it out
I'm not a crazy man, I'm a 80's man
Slight thin, light skinned, young ladies man
Sippin' Courvasier, pimpin' don't stop today
You got a man but you itchin' just to hop away
I see you workin' wit' it, and you learn to get it
Be wit' ya man, I just want you for them thirty minutes
Sex what I can do, that's what I plan to
Stop playin' boo, actin' all brand new
You need to kick it wit' me, or keep a distance from me
It's more fish in the sea, I got a pimpin' degree
I'll pick you up, and we can twist some blunts
I see your instand trust but you just hit me up

[White Boy]
Now that you in the mood, let's take a city cruise
Escape the city blues on a secret Rendevouz
Sip a lil' Mo', twist a lil' dro
Lay back in the 'lac bumpin' Lil Mo
How you do it boo?, you so beautiful
Pretty eyes, thick thighs, nice and suitable
There's nothin' new to you, you used to compliments
All kinds of gifts, and you my 'bout it bitch
So how 'bout it miss, it ain't no doubt in this
In and out on the couch make you holler Cris
Let's do it right now, girl get them White Owls
And get them Lifestyles, you 'bout to lay it down
Take ya clothes off ma' take a load off
Your body so soft, love the way you show it off
We can party alone, it's 'bout six in the mornin' ya momma ain't home

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