In a world that's never silent
We struggle to find ourselves
In the battle for our comfort
We put forward our own hands
We put forward our own hands
For the curious
And the ones that look for more

So take a journey out of here into something more
Where you'll find a sense of purpose
Where you'll find what you're looking for

We'll never love, we'll never love unless we change ourselves
So see the world in different eyes
Watch me fall into the skies

I'll hold the key to true life
You keep your eyes on the prize
And from there the only way is forward


In a world that's always defiant
We hurdle over ourselves
In the grace of our own blindness
We put forward our own hands
We put forward our own hands

In this place outside your mind
We find ourselves the answers to life
The answers to life

Burn those bridges
That speak my mind from wrong and right
And hold my life until I die
Burn those bridges
Disconnect reality to see the side of happiness

In this world we're all in alliance
The burden of ourselves
Is the love of our own kindness
We put forward our own hands
We pur forward our own hands
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Damages Lyrics

When Giants Sleep – Damages Lyrics