I would've walked behind
I would've walked beside you
I would've told you every lie
I would've done that just for you
Open your eyes sometime
It's funny how I adore you
Gonna get every line just fine
I'll even sing it for you now

There was a time I felt
The morning sun rose up to you
I would've whispered in your ear
I would make coffee for you
I would have crossed that line
I could have drawn it for you
Tell me that everything is fine
Couldn't you do that for me

Because I'm a fan
From way back when you faltered
Waiting for your man
If you can remember
I was standing there with you

Wouldn't you say
That I've been a idiot for you
I couldn't shake you if I tried
I light a candle for you
Somehow the time flies by

And I haven't done it for you
And I haven't solved a single thing
And I haven't done it for you

Summer love moves fast
You get a little slower when the fall moves past
But you'll never find another love like my love
Winter slows the pace
Spring brings the summer back to your face
But you'll never find another love like my love

I'm getting along now that I found salvation not
That I've found salvation
I open your eyes salvations now
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Closer To Mercury Lyrics

Wheat – Closer To Mercury Lyrics

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