Before we start,
The story ends,
And the pages fly,
Scatter loose outside,
Heartless wind,

All the figures of speech,
Splash in sediment,
On the new tarmac drive,
Walk down to the old school,
You know they'll tear it down soon,
With everything inside,

Never and ever,
Never and ever,
Never and ever,
Never and ever,

And you're closing in,
But you're nowhere near,
Do you still want to be alone?
Every day's a new plan of escape,

You've got murder in your eyes,
These streets are not for the shy,
Tell an honest lie,
And soon enough I'll rub it in your face,

You've got nothing to show,
Is your record in order,
You think you've heard this once before,
But there's millions more

Never and ever
[Repeat until the end]
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Never And Ever Lyrics

Whales In Cubicles – Never And Ever Lyrics