I'm on my own
Alone at home
Fantasising about you
That you're the one they've sent for me
Completing me
I feel I know your energy
From a different place and time you see
Looking at you I'm over well I'm trembling

Are you good to your mama, boy
Are you good to your sister, joy
Are you good to your family
Will you be good to me
Do you know your own history
Do you love you're back in that street
Do you know how to treat a queen respectfully

I've been wondering do you go in stripe for spiritual growth wedding you
Would you use your arms to carry the way of maybe two or three
I see those renders legs of yours to they run from problems or
Are standing strong saying 'come on, lets get it on'

Now let's find out who you really are
The one with a smile of a superstar
Do you use these legs to speak the truth no matter what comes up
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Will You Be Good Lyrics

Wet Cookies – Will You Be Good Lyrics

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