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Sensational Sherri Lyrics

Westside Gunn – Sensational Sherri Lyrics

[Intro: Westside Gunn]
Ayy yo

[Verse 1: Westside Gunn]
Ayy yo, you fuck niggas fear me, bitches love me
Cancun check the chin, neck looked husky
Fiend hit the pipe one time, did the Dougie (He did the Dougie, ah)
Ayy yo, the fiend hit the pipe one time, did the Dougie (He did the Dougie, ah)
Ayy yo, my neck looking gorgeous
Ten pavement scrapers, got the poles in the Porsche (Skrrt)
Ain't nobody fucking with me, nigga, that's on all us
Where you from? Have my lil' nigga shoot your borner up (Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom)
Drug dealer, we snatch your cherry
.38 with the potato seasoned with peri peri (Boom boom boom boom boom)
My MAC that sensational Sherri (Brr, brr)
My MAC that sensational Sherri
My Bay P blew a thousand percent
Dimes looked like Eminems, we had housing on lit (Ah)
Everybody rocking Fendi now, shit looking brazy
Griselda like the coke in the '80s (Ah)
Griselda like the coke in the '80s
Ayy yo, every other week the niggas shooting at the groove
I had to duck a couple times, I'm tripping in my jewels
Bullets hit this bitch, she started bleeding on my Loubs
Bitches say he rich as fuck, prettier, and bool
Metal Gear Stone Island
Cherry '63, I bought that shit with no mileage (Skrrt)
Cherry '63, I bought that shit with no mileage
Ayy yo, dopeman this, nigga, dopeman that, nigga
Thirty-two shot MAC, nigga, sip Act', nigga (Brr)
Thousand pack flip, nigga, skeleton wrist, nigga
Lil' nigga ask me how it feel to be rich, nigga
How it feel, nigga? I do this shit in real life
I got the red cherry
I do this shit in real life
The fucking king of New York, nigga, me
I do this shit in real life
Fly fucking god
I'm an awesome god, nigga
I do this shit in real life
You niggas is fuckin' broke
You niggas fuckin' bums

The Butcher comin', nigga
Flygod is an Awesome God
Yo, ah

You might catch me dolo but the drum hold fifty
If the po' come get me, I might come home 60 (Damn)
If I get head in the whip, she might come home sticky (That shit sticky)
It worked, triple your worth if you move one load with me, and that's on God
You know when pies get measured, that's when ties get severed, nigga
And we are never squashing, I like conflict better, uh
My name in conversations with accomplished legends
Anybody that rhyme pathetic done got beheaded
My niggas in the field lettin' TECs off, ratchets pop (Brr)
And the rest in them hills and them rec yards shadowboxing
Take a rapper chain, bring it here, I'll gladly rock it (Let me have it)
Me, West, and Conway like Mike, Bird, and Magic Johnson
.44 mag, ski mask and the fabric cotton
My eyes done seen shit my kids can't imagine watching
Nigga'll put you in the casket for the hat you rocking
Dope boy, I had to use a mattress as an extra pocket
They spend half they careers getting over (What?)
This nickel shoot like Kerry Kittles from Villanova
I used to take trips in the cab to get the coca
I still ride in the back of the whip getting chauffeured
Feds at my front door, try to leave the gang plugs and one more
I told him fuck it, as long as it comes raw
I was there when it jumped off
This for my nigga in the feds who won't get to see his son crawl
Let's go

[Outro: Scott Hall]
Hey yo
Bad guy here
Reminding you
Flygod is an awesome god, chico
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