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Jul 27th Lyrics

Westside Gunn – Jul 27th Lyrics

[Intro: Westside Pootie]
There's God and there's my daddy
Praise both and y'all still broke
This is Griselda

[Interlude: Raekwon]
Yo, man, I'm tired of spending, man
I'm tired of spending twenty-five hundred a month on fuckin' rubber bands, man
You already know, man
Hold on, man, hold on
Just go get the last bag, man
And just send it to the crib, man
Ask to speak to Patsy, man
Ayy yo, West, what's good?
Ayy yo, man, I just wanna say, man
Nothin' but love to you and yours, you heard?
The Griselda family
Some of the strongest men I seen lately
And I appreciate that
I appreciate seeing a reflection of me and mine
But one thing I'ma tell you, listen
A great listener is a great learner
Protect your wealth, protect your heart
And don't love niggas more than they love you
I was taught that at a young age
As long as you stay genuine and solid
Niggas can never step on your grounds in any kind of fashion
I don't care what kind of sneakers and shoes
Whatever they got on they feet
Nigga, you can't even get in the room
If your energy ain't golden
It's a lot of suckers and pussies out there, man
You know what I'm sayin'?
Be careful, hone your square
And keep being the best that you can be
'Cause I'ma keep being the best that I can be
This a message from the wise and the real
Read books, man, and understand life
And if it's something that you don't know
You pay for it, you pay for it and get that information
Trust me, it's gon' take you to the most highest form of where you need to be at
Your brother
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