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Amherst Station 3 Lyrics

Westside Gunn – Amherst Station 3 Lyrics


Ayo, Central Park shit, school six to school sixty-one
Every time I walked the paned doors, better have the gun (Ah)
Went back and had a yacht with lunch
Rode our bikes over Kensington Bridge, Trinidad Park and free lunch
Rest in peace Nut, rest in peace Barry
Rest in peace Mick, I heard he got killed by ferry (Ah)
Back in nine-seven, me and Laura, had her neck slit
Walking through, bit it, I was plotting on the next bitch
Started fucking Stephanie, had a crush on Pam
The broad looking good, though, come here, take my hand
Only took one loss, some barely nigga stuck me
But sure, you was my man, you could have stopped 'em but you jumped me
It's bool though, Machine Gun went back, just dumping (Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom)
Showed up to school on Monday like "Fuck 'em" (Fuck)
Kino had to tell, my nigga was Miguel
Lafayette to Wakefield, I hope you resting well
Fifty-six pimp of the year, I beat the deal
That swish shit, fuck Jarel (Swish shit, fuck Jarel)
That swish shit, fuck Khalil (Swish shit, fuck Khalil)
Shot across the bills, we left on Leroy Hill (Ah)

Elizabeth, Elizabeth, will you marry me? (Ha haa)
We don't have an answer, we don't have an answer, we don't
He did it, he did it, he asked her
What about this Elizabeth?
Oh yeah
Oh yeah
We got us a wedding!
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