Everybody's got an answer to a question
That they need to know
Still broken over one thing I didn't ask you
Do you have to go?
Now looking for a reason, it isn't easy
But I gotta have hope

Sometimes it can be harder to remember
Than to just let go
Always seems to be something to remind me
Of what I miss the most
'Cause you were the one thing I believed in when it all falls down

So if you've got a candle, you better light it now
And if you've got a voice, you better shout out loud
Raise your hands above this crowd
And I will reach you
Can you hear me, can you hear me now?

Even though I can't see you, I can feel you
After all this time
So maybe if you're hurting, all I'm asking for
Is just one sign
'Cause I never met anyone who was lost
But didn't wanna be found


Light it now
I will reach you
Shout out loud
I will reach you
Raise your hands above this crowd

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I will reach you Lyrics

Westlife – I will reach you Lyrics

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