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Western Flyer Lyrics

Western Flyer – Western Flyer Lyrics

My brother Robbie and me were born about a year apart
We were toe to toe at times but stayed heart to heart
Then one Christmas came, toys were everywhere
But the ones I remember the most in a corner over there-
Two bikes called Western Flyer

We got cowboy suits, hats and boots and a gun
Yeah, together we kept those outlaws on the run
Headin' out to the neighborhood rodeo
It was "Hiyo Silver" and away we'd go

We'd saddle up and together we'd ride
The two of us side by side
Tall in the saddle, we couldn't be higher
Well I was Audie Murphy, he was John Wayne
Two white hats riding the range
Out into the sunset on our Western Flyers
Riding out into the sunset on our Western Flyers

Well, sundown came and horses need their rest
We'd had a long hard day taming the wild, wild west
Was that a coyote or the dog next door
We were lying awake at night
Telling stories and lies for sure around the old campfire

Now time moves on and cowboys ride their separate ways
But we'll keep those rusty old horses 'til our dying days
Yeah, he's got his, I've got mine
We're older now oh, but there was a time... When

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