It's funny how we used to laugh at loud
And how easily we've forgotten who we were.
When the good die young, there was nothing I could do
Until that day two desperate hearts were forced to face their fears.
There is no fate but what we make for ourselves
And this day was ours.
So I grabbed her by the hand, looked deep into the eyes and said we're gonna go away for a while
And we never looked back, we knew we had to take this chance, and we ran into the end of the world.
It's funny how we used to laugh out loud
Between the headlines and the news reports, no one will ever understand
Why we had to sacrifice our dreams just to save us both.
So we stand at the edge of our existance's end and watch the world come crumbling down.
And if we stick together, we'll be forever together and all will be right in this town.
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Martyr's If We're Lucky Lyrics

Wester – Martyr's If We're Lucky Lyrics