I've a coconut tree
Behind my house

When I'm hungry
I can go
I can go and get a little coco
And eat it

While I'm playing my song
While I'm dancing my dance
To make my people happy yeah!

"Iniambola" (Go ahead)! X4
"Iniambo bwhoh-tchuh" (Go ahead by day time)
"Iniambo tet-njam" (Go ahead at midnight)

Solo (guitar)

Refrain again

What about the good things (yeah)
What about my thirst and my hunger (yeah)
Evrytime I think about this girl
When sh'es out and far
There's still a little coconut
To eat and drink and think

Iniambola hey (go ahead)!

Refrain (repeat to fade)
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Coconut Tree Lyrics

Wess Fosso – Coconut Tree Lyrics

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