Sleeping through, all my dreams
Fishing for all my themes
Thinking of this and that
Worrying, all the things I hack
I want you all the times I've had
I've found my stash
Pull me up, lag my door
Peeling off around your core
Filling up with makeshift discord
I couldn't see you for the floor
Stripping down, your lost mind
You kicked off, your silver mine
Slipping a long last look
Flipping back the hair you fluked
I wish I knew what I had said
I lost my head
Pull me up.....
I thought you were the one
You look rough, but I've seen worse
Run up the flannels, go for gold
Nothing down you're too old
I want you and I want your friend
I've got no sense
Pull me up
Pull me up
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I Want You And I Want Your Friend Lyrics

Wendys – I Want You And I Want Your Friend Lyrics