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Necrophaze Lyrics

Wednesday 13 – Necrophaze Lyrics

Entering the necrophaze
We take the other form
Exhuming bodies from the grave
To feast upon the worms
Decomposition's my addiction
This I must confess
Coffins full of rotting flesh
Grotesque by request
Graves and tombs
Death in full bloom
Consuming the decayed
Enter the mouth of madness
Enter…the necrophaze

Enter the necrophaze
There's no mercy for you?
Rest in piece, but not for long
This nightmare's coming true

I am the night, the terror, the fright
I'm the necro-shadow
Reanimate the dead, watch them wake
In darkness all is hallowed

Darkness alive, no one survives
Death and dismay, kill for joy, kill for days
Your soul be thine, see the dead, watch them rise
Evil descends, as the night closes in

My addiction, as I embrace your death
I'm morgue than meets the eye
So grotesque now I request
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