I used to depend on you
But you have forsaken me
You have left me for dead and let my soul flee
Forsaken me in my hours of need, I begged for mercy
Forsaken me when I lost the will to be
Forsaken me to my own destiny
When I needed you beside me
My heart was tinder as your words shone
To ignite the fire that used to warm my soul
You were the promise of a sparkling dawn
Defeat the demise and spread life around
From devotion to oblivion
In my darkest hours, through the riddles
Wandering around to feel your heart beat at my side
To soothe my pain and sorrow
If my faith should stumble and fall
Do not blame me
Through stained glass eyes I've seen the lies
I was the product of a deadly device
Undone I was, an unborn child
A gift on the altar of a blessed holy liar
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Forsaken Lyrics

Wedding In Hades – Forsaken Lyrics

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