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Light Up The Sky Lyrics

We Say Summer – Light Up The Sky Lyrics

As the drops begin to rest, as they fall down from the sky
Flashing lights and thunder won't stop us
Just wrapped in soaking clothes, with your head against my chest
It's no wonder why I'm falling so hard

Oh, we're stuck out in the storm
And I just can't find the words
It's the tension and the temperature
That's making me shake
So just kiss me quick and make it last
And we'll press on through the day
Sopping wet and in your arms
Is good enough for me

Our fingers they collide, I can feel that you're trembling
Easy girl, 'cause I feel the same
Courage is the word, but kiss is the action
I'm so damn scared but who gives a shit

And I know we'll see the day
When we look back on the memories
And baby, I'll still feel the same
'Cause it's every little thing that you do,
Why I'm offering my heart to you
And I'm hoping that you'll do the same

Thunder rolls like cannon balls
And the light fills up the sky
Our lips pressed so tight
My heart's pounding inside
It's matching all the melodies
That make up this moment
Can I be the one,
Can I be the one?
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