Her name was Victoria, she had a perfect mania
She tried to look picturesque but remained sad and untidy
She always did wrong but succeeded in life
Never took long, made a beautiful wife
She was too stubborn to love
And too sheepish to care for her children

Oh oh Victoria
Oh oh Victoria

Church was her safety she loved Jesus too
Laughter staccato she always turned blue
She was nervously nervous when she smiled things got darker
Her anger was frightening her lips thin like floss
Always was running but never seemed lost
She'd paid quite the cost
She wouldn't help you in the hallways if you were lost

Oh oh Victoria
Oh oh Victoria

Someone been running something been lost
I didn't know who had become the boss

She was terrified of music, 'cause she was too sentimental
She was in love with love without ever being in love
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Victoria Lyrics

We Became Owls – Victoria Lyrics

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