car*speeds off Verse*
One WC: police
*sirens throughout song Last*
man standin' I'm, shot But
I can't fear bleedin' My
nigga's face down stretched, out no, longer breathin' I'm
speedin' pump, eatin' swervin', in the G and Red
& blue lights and squad cars is all I'm seein' I
told you motherfuckers "No moves no, altercations" Now
it's half a tank a gas and a hostage situation I'm
facin' 25, with, the 'L' so I'm stompin' I
can't shake One-Time bitch I, swear I'm dumpin' Helicopters
trailin' my ass won't, surrender Only
thang I'm givin' up is hollow points and middle fingers (fuck y'all )!Whoever
set this shit the fuck up done, got us fucked up Runnin'
outta time and, shit outta luck Take
that 2! *gunshots I*
ain't goin' down mothafucka' Take!
this 2! *gunshots My*
car roof could suck my dick I'm!
on a high-speed chase with, two money bags woman, *screams and* a Screamin'
ass BITCH It's
All Bad Chorus!
WC: w/ cops [cops]
"Possible 211 suspect driving southbound on the 215 driving an '84 Cutlass
Supreme Believed. to be armed Please. proceed with caution ".[WC]
It's All Bad [cops]!
"Everyone proceed with caution suspect, is believed to be a black male Carrying
female hostage We. got a runner fellas ".[WC]
It's All Bad Verse!
Two WC: They
trynna cut me off against the gutta' lane Trynna
run these motherfuckers to the border man Side-swiped
the mothafuckin' El Camino Trynna!
get my black ass up outta San Bernadino I
catch the 215 to, the 405 I'm
catchin' hell trynna make it to the 5 I line They!
cut me off again I got to go the other way Channel
5 in the sky we'll take helicopter *sounds 'em* through L A.woman.
*screams throughout Quit* screamin' BITCH (shut the fuck up )!Ho'
you slowin' me down they, ain't thinkin' 'bout yo' ass SHUT THE FUCK UP Now
bitch didn't budge so, I shot her woman, *stops screaming "Bla* Bla! "!with
*2 gunshots (stupid* )!(Fuck
take, a look at you now )!I
kicked the door open door *opens threw*, her body on the freeway Continued
the chase wiped, the blood door *closes off* my face Lookin'
for an exit as soon as I reloads my mag' reloads *mag car*
*horns throughout Stuck* in heavy traffic Nigga...
It's All Bad Chorus!
WC: w/ cops car
*horns and helicopter sounds [cops]*
unitelligible *"Suspect* has just thrown female hostage on the side of The
605 freeway We. now have him in heavy traffic on the 105 heading Westbound
It's All Bad [cops]!
"Looks like he's trying pulling 1-8 10 and Central He. might try and Make
a run for it Don't. let him get away Take. this fucker ".[WC]
It's All Bad Verse!
3 WC: Now
it's time for me to make my getawaaaaaay Fuck!
a hostage I'm, doin' this the nigga waaaaaay I!
jumped out the car and, started squezzin' the trigga' 8
*gunshots (bla* bla! bla! bla! )!And
duckin' at 'em I'm, bustin' at 'em laughin', at 'em trynna, splat 'em Cussin,
at 'em Like
a true fuckin' G is supposed ta I'm
bustin' at the helicopter as I get closa' Trynna
shake 'em off my tail I
make's my way to the side of the freeway Now
I'm climbin' over the guard rail I'm
a felon I, can't take no shorts I'm
runnin' down Imperial past Imperial Courts Stop
to catch my breath 'til I heard the dogs barkin' Now
a nigga's runnin' past a nigga's [ ]cigardens[?]?I
hear the helicopter closin' in yellin', "freeze" But
I'm yellin' back "fuck you "!hittin', 'em up with C's (fuck yaa'll )!A
beautiful day for dyin' nigga, I'm hearin' sirens On
sight no, warnins that these coward's 'll be firin' I
made my way to Avalon Peepin'
any get, in the corner I
got's ta think quick or, I'm a goner Saw
this nigga slippin' in a '98 Ac-Right gun
*cocks followed, by a gunshot (Get* the fuck out )!Left
him bleedin' at the light Now!
it's back on the, money bag full of riches Fuck
One-Time that, get in my way I'm, killin' these bitches I'm
doin' 85 loc these, fools can't touch me Came
across Western hit, the back at Kentucky Fish
trailin' mashin', on my brakes I had to stop Awww
FUCK Ain't! this a bitch A?! road block Break!
WC: w/ cops [cops]"Get
out the car now I say keep, your hands up Get! out the car now or I'm
forced to shoot "!gun *cocks [WC]*
Fuck that [cops]...
He's movin' He's!! movin' car!!
*speeds off car*
*horns until beginning of chorus about*
*twenty gunshots [cops]*
"Cease fire Cease!! fire damnit "!!Chorus
WC: It's
All Bad Dead!
on arrival Nigga!
It's All Bad Dead!
on arrival It's!
All Bad It's!
All Bad Nigga!
we all dead, on arrival helicopter!
*flies by
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It's All Bad Lyrics

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