Here's a story
About a bitch
About a bitch I once fucked wit
Now I want ya'll to listen real close
Shit's a trip
Peep game
Used to have a bitch that was true to life to me
Damn near a wife to me
The bitch was just right for me
Stood by my side
Used to help me wit my hustle
Down to pack straps and a cap if we had a tustle
I used to trust her wit my riches
I be in the kitchen cookin chickens
While she be washin dishes
150, 000 in the attic
Pager blowin up all night, my bitch never gave a nigga static
I used to make her mad enough to kill
Lipstick on the front of my draws, man my bitch was real
'cause she never stole nothin
Gaffled by the fed's 3 4 times and never told nothin
But wait
My bitch is gettin distant on me
No more back rubs and kisses
What's happenin wit my little misses
Too sleepy for the s** play
Now what's really going on the same shit the next day
Damn I know she wouldn't fuck around
Still I taps all my phones and records every fuckin sound
Conversations wit her homegirl but nothin major
I duplicates the cap code to her pager
Now I recieves every beat
'cause I'll be damned if my bitch goin be playin me cheap
Call it what you want but I gotta know
If my bitch fucks around then my bitch gots to go (Repeat 2x)
Week and a half flies by and now I
Can't trust my bitch doin shit
Track her through the mall, the cleaners, and the nail shop
The grocery store, and the health food spot
Dub you trippin I say to myself
'Is she all that?
I'm on my bitch ass like I'm lo jack'
Just hold that
I don't really like when she be callin her best friend
Pull up on the lot in a black Benz
I could smell it homie
It's goin down
These bitches bout to flirt wit some niggas and clown
Followed they ass to the Mo-Mo
Oh no
Damn this shit's for real
Now just imagine how a nigga feal
'cause I been livin wit a hoe
And worse than that a muthafucka didn't know
She got's to go
I hit the chronic 'cause
I'm on a mission
I'm havin visions
Of two dead bitches missin Christmas
I can't take it no more
I cocks my strap? Takes flight?
And kick the fuckin hinges off the door
I skimmed the room with the infared
And finds my bitch and her best friend naked in the water bed
Now I'm confused
I puts my heat down
Mouth open like a muthafucka takes a seat now (? We's now?)
How long you been fuckin her?
I ain't know yo ass was on c***
Got me thinkin bout? ?
She said I trust her like you trust me
If you trust we
Then us three could be livin in harmony
I get's to thinkin bout the pussy and the riches
Fuck it I guess I got two down bitches
Ha yeah
Tell ya about these little stank ass scrags
Ain't shit
I got two of em now
Fuck em
One for this braid right here
One for this braid right here
Gotta lick this middle one
Fuck ya'll
Wc cj Mac
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Call It What You Want Lyrics

Wc – Call It What You Want Lyrics

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