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Yesterday's News Lyrics

Wayne Watson – Yesterday's News Lyrics

Wayne Watson
Yesterday's news said people were dying down in Africa
Burned in the afternoon sun--Too little to eat
Armies of "saviours" ran to the rescue
While the world looked on
To help while the cameras were rolling
Then sound the retreat
Yesterday's news... Yesterday's news
Yesterday's news said thousands of children
Would surely die
The refuse of love gone wrong
Love put to the test
Angry disciples now have grown silent
I, the worst of all
My passion for righteousness joins the children at rest
Yesterday's news... Yesterday's
But today under the weight of the world
Only so much attention to go 'round
And yesterday's tears like morning dew
Have burned away
But unto the least of these
He said "You've done it to Me"
Yesterday's news come back
Break my heart today
Yesterday's news said the King of the Jews met a cruel fate
Nailed to a tree over love--That's what I've heard
I can't shake that vision--Innocence bleeding in my place
Yesterday--Today and forever--Always the same
Always the same
Yesterday's news--Yesterday's news
I heard, once, that the reality of Christ's death on the cross
Had become much like hitting a dog with your automobile on the
Highway. At first, the horrible sinking feeling, then remorse,
Helplessness. But time is often a balm for the conscience.
Society's emergencies, injustices and disasters come and go, but
I dare not lose the grief nor the gratitude over the fact that
The Son of God died for me
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