(John J. Cale)
I got a gal in Baton Rouge she calls me Louisiana
She gives me a little something to eat
She knows just what I want
She treats me right
Lord, Lord, Lord treats me right (yes she does)
Treats me right. (yeah, take it Willie)
--- Instrumental ---
I went down to New Orleans to have myself a ball
The ladies there they don't care they just don't care at all
But they treat you right Lord Lord Lord treat you right Louisiana gal treats you right.
--- Instrumental ---
From the gulf of the Mississippi up to Baton Rouge
With the Louisiana ladies boy you just can't lose
They'll treat you right
Lord, Lord, Lord treat you right
Yeah, treat you right boy.
--- Instrumental ---
I got a gal in Baton Rouge she called me Louisiana...
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Louisiana Women Lyrics

Waylon Jennings – Louisiana Women Lyrics

Songwriters: J. J. CALE
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