Politicians talk
Ears are falling off
When they open their mouths up, jugs become cups
The obvious is often amusing
Doesn’t mean anything
Doesn’t mean anything
That golden age is gone
The silver screen is a silly? production
The mathematician dreams are the adding machine
Won’t you overstay your welcome
Places and nowhere to go
Except in circles
And all around the things you see are generally uninteresting
Close your eyes and bite your tongue
? And naked is an absolution?
I’ve broken lovers kissing in public

The paparazzi pop photographs
Like ants on a carcass they hunt the parking lots of hospitals and cemeteries
And autumn? leaves/leafs?and winter freezes
We’ll be all alone
Our home a castle
For ninety? our kingdom come
We’re all for one and one for nothing
Take me by my severed hand
I’ll wait for you on this deserted island
Sound observations constitute the union

Heartbroken lovers, kissing in public
Your eyes open wider
You might see me inside of your brain
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Sound Observations Lyrics

Wax Fang – Sound Observations Lyrics