Alone, searching endlessly.
Looking for a home in transiency.
For compassion in apathy.
Day by day.
You fall farther.
From your vision and your hopes.
Of what the future would hold.
Of what the future will hold for you.

Now abandoned,
You see only what is now out of grasp.
And want it back.

I've seen your words,
And now you claim that you are in a better place.
Reaching out to give you one last breathe.
A second chance that didn't mean a thing.
You can't take it back,
Know that you chose this,
We'll never be the same.

There is a clock in heaven with the hands on four and twelve.
The time of you last breathe.
The hour when you lose your sense of self.
Like a broken record stuck in the same second,
You repeat yourself.
Until there's nothing left,
Nothing left.

Breaking down,
You've fallen short.
Of everything you aimed to be.
The heights you said you'd reach.

So much for second chances,
So much for making amends.
Another dose,
And you are running towards your end.

I see your wrongs for what they are:
A sign of what's to come.

Inside, I know, that you didn't mean it all.
But you're too far gone.
You are too far gone.
So drink your hollow fill,
To set yourself apart.
The spirits won't set you free.

Retreat and run.
Fall, become numb.
They'll rip you apart,
They'll rip you apart.
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Farther From Letting Go Lyrics

Waves Of Aether – Farther From Letting Go Lyrics

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