Why don't we get high and watch Planet Earth? (x3)
Planet Earth, Planet Earth
Watch it spin, watch it spin
You and me, planet earth

And yes, yes, let's let's let's get some takeout
Press our hearts together like when kids make Barbies make out
Let's make out, no toothpaste
I only want to know how you taste
We don't need to tie no shoelace
And we don't need to pack no suitcase
To, to find a new place. Let our moment linger
We'll weave our hands together and then kiss this braid of fingers
Until the whisper, whisper of time's undying rivers
Come decorate our skin with crow's feet, spider-veins and fissures
But we won't cry, we won't cry, we'll step into that cyclone
Together when we're blinded and our minds erode like limestone
And all we can remember's how we make each other feel, then…

Ah, the hippies, ah, were sort of wide-eyed with floppy pants and things like that.
I thought there were some good things about what they were doing—
A lot of good things, especially the sex…
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Let's Get High And Watch Planet Earth Lyrics

Watsky – Let's Get High And Watch Planet Earth Lyrics

Songwriters: Brandon Anderson Paak, George Watsky, Kelsey Gonzalez
Let's Get High And Watch Planet Earth lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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