Match the code make no mistake,error could be fatal
Turn the key...launch on warning...
Sleek missles,streak the sky with awaits,the holocaust
We have passed the point of no return..can we afford to show remorse? death draws near, the population cowers
Thirty minutes,away from the end of existence
Heatflash-atomic disarray
Millions perish in a single instant
Chaos wrenched from all relation of time and space
In the threshold of immence confusion
Vaporized-atoms separate...the human form,under metamorphosis
Hundreds of years of culture and civization
Are flattened into a desolate wasteland
Survivors...of nuclear destruction,live in a world cold and dark facing
Prolonged death
Those who met an immediate demise,were saved from weeks of misery....
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Energetic Disassembly Lyrics

Watchtower – Energetic Disassembly Lyrics