Black daze
No cage
The artist loses and
The right wing stays
A nine mill
The best still
Don't tell nobody
But I just might kill

Good night sleep tight
Don't you let those mother fuckin'
Bed bugs bite
I love and I need
The only woman that could
Make my heart bleed
Little queen
So soft and mean

She was the girlie that
I saw in my dreams
You can look now don't touch
This little woman that I love so much
I wanna give I wanna live
I wanna make her every dream come true

What do I need to do
To make it clear to you
That no one will shake your floor
Or love you more than me

No more black daze
You will pay
Show no mercy
No more black daze
You will pay
Show no mercy

And now black daze be gone for good
Nothing more to hold us back no more
'Cause everything's gonna be alright
Get into bed let's do it right

First I gotta end your fuckin' life
Be it with a nine or with a knife
Your final destination I won't tell
That's the place that I'll be bringing

Where the demons keep on singing
And the devils always ringing bells
The bells
Bells to your funeral
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Black Daze Lyrics

Wasted Youth – Black Daze Lyrics