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What's Love Got To Do With It Lyrics

Warren G – What's Love Got To Do With It Lyrics

Intro* Ooh yeah, yeah, What's.
love got to do Warren.
G rap, for me yeah-eah, yeah, mm, mm Verse.

* 1 When G-dog the, hog come, up in the place There's,
dollar signs in your eyes and a smile in your face You.
wanna live fat all, for my sack You.
got more drag than a low lo-do cut, the act 'Cause,
back before '92 and '93 You,
didn't give a damn about Warren G But,
now that I'm slingin' platinum lp's All,
of a sudden you, on my N You. T's. Ain't.
nothin' you can do to make it stop 'Cause,
money makes the world go 'round and the panties drop I.
ain't in love though I, don't need the pressure I.
just wanna dig it like I'm diggin' for treasure Some.
of y'all had a good thing that you couldn't keep Thought,
you was tlc you, had to creep You.
say you had love I, said you need to quit It's.
all about the dough so, what's love got to do with it Chorus?

* What's love got to do got, to do with it (that's right) What's?
love if you don't respect the game (uh-huh) What's?
love got to do got, to do with it If?
you lack in this game it's, a shame you, won't make it Verse.

* 2 Now I'm, the type of brother that's down for mines Before.
I made beats I, was down to grind Back.
then every, single homey had my back Now,
they're peepin' my stack and they're talkin' bout jack But,
I'm the same brother day in and day out And,
I'm-a stay that way until the day I lay out in a casket It's.
drastic 'cause, homies is plastic Break.
'em off some bread they, want the whole damn basket If.
you's a true homey you, would wish me well Not,
plot to see a brother fell jealous, as hell We.
used to get the same riches Now.
your trigger-finger got the itches schemin', on my riches Which
is not a suprise my, eyes peep game 211's,
187's, it's all the same It's.
all a shame homies'd, jack you for your grip Ain't.
no love involved because, it's all about the chips Repeat.

* chorus Verse

* 3 Now for these labels tellin' fables Makin',
the messed-up deals under the tables You.
think that you smart but, fool, I'm, the smartest You.
can't make no money if you can't keep an artist Sign.
the dotted line put, 'em on the shelf Break.
'em off some crumbs keep, the rest for yourself I.
know how it goes treat, an artist like you know Fly,
cars gold, clothes, but, no dough Since.
it's all business I'm-a, handle mine Keep,
track of my stack down to the very last dime 'Cause,
in this rap game it's, all about the buck You.
bend over for the label and you will get bucked Like,
how we run up in the skirt and, then you're through The.
record label do the same thing to you 90%.
business 10%, show Ain't.
no love in this game 'cause, it's all about the dough
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Songwriters: Graham Hamilton Lyle, Terry Britten
What's Love Got To Do With It lyrics © Warner Chappell Music, Inc., Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., BMG Rights Management

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