Sun explodes from nuclear death
A charred black lifeless shell
Millions storm the battlefield
Their only purpose is to kill
Soon, time will come when it's your turn to die
Bullets strike the dying foe
Torn apart by the force of the blast
Vaporized by explosions
Eternal flight until the last
Can't take much more of this horrific sight

War to end all wars
Kill with no remorse
Soon to die you're running out of luck
Prepare for combat shock
Surprise attack

Endless streams of machine gun fire the battleground becomes a tomb
Screaming death, falls from above as you breathe the toxic fumes
Unmarked graves overflowing, altars of mass demise
Choking on the poisoned air, your skin begins to liquify

Endless killing endless death, raging homocide
Millions dead and more to die, total genocide
Torn to bits and blown in half, dying victims rot
Say your prayers it's time to die

Prepare for combat shock!
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Combat Shock Lyrics

Warbringer – Combat Shock Lyrics